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Music & Drama

Music The traditional folk music of Cyprus has many common elements with Greek mainland and island folk music, including dances like the sousta, syrtos, zeibekikos, tatsia and the kartsilamas.  The instruments commonly associated with Cyprus folk music are the violin ("fkiolin"), the lute ("laouto"), the accordion and the Cyprus flute ("pithkiavlin").  There is also a form of musical poetry known as "chattista", which is often performed at traditional feasts and celebrations.  Composers associated with traditional music in C... Read More

Name Days

Name days are traditionally celebrated in Cyprus more widely than birthdays. They relate to the saint days that the person was named after and you will see tented stalls in the churchyards of churches dedicated to that particular saint. These are known as 'paniyiri' and they offer all sors of traditional sweets, dried fruits, honey and fruit syrups. The more popular the saint the more that will be on offer including toys, music CDs, fashion accessories and small pets such as parakeets or goldfish.  When it's your relative, associate, clie... Read More

Pay Phones

The main public telephones are provided by the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA).  They are conveniently dotted around at many locations, including small roads in towns/villages, main roads, coastal roads, harbours and airports. There are three types of public 'phones:  coin, outdoor card and indoor card 'phones. All public 'phones can be used to call national as well as international numbers. For the card 'phones, you can purchase calling cards of €3, €5 or €10 at any CYTA shop, banks or kiosks (which can a... Read More


Pharmacies - chemists - are located in most towns and villages.  They have the same closing times as shops, being closed on Wednesday afternoons, Saturday afternoons and all day Sunday.  On any pharmacy window you will see a notice posted which shows you which 24-hour pharmacy is open outside these times.  There is also a 'phone number (+357) 90 901 416 which you can call and they will tell you where to go. Generally speaking if you require a prescription for something elsewhere you will require one in Cyprus before the chemist ... Read More

Post Office

The main post office is open on Monday to Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 1.30.p.m.  For letters and postcards up to 20 gm., local mail is €0.34, airmail to Europe is €0.51 and airmail to the rest of the world is €0.68.  Each item must also carry a €0.02 Refugee Fund stamp. The web-site below can help you to find each City's main head post office and provides other relevant information. http://www.mcw.gov.cy/mcw/dps/dps.nsf/contactus_en/contactus_en?opendocument ... Read More

Public Holidays

Public Holidays 2015 Date Day Holiday 1 January Thursday New Year's Day 6 January Tuesday Epiphany 23 February Monday Orthodox Ash Monday 25 March Wednesday Greek Independence Day 1 April Wednesday National Day 10 April Friday Orthodox Good Friday 12 April Sunday Orthodox Easter Sunday 13 April Monday Orthodox Easter Monday 14 April Tuesday ... Read More


Re-cycling has finally come to Cyprus.  The island, although relatively unspoiled for the most part, does suffer from a few environmental problems.  One of these was the accumulation of rubbish and the need to create new land-fills.  With the new recycling programme it is hoped the position will be alleviated.  At least half of normal household rubbish consists of items capable of re-cycling. In all communities - hamlets, villages and towns - bins have been placed to receive rubbish for re-cycling.  You will see them i... Read More


Most Greek-Cypriots are follow the Greek Orthodox Church, whereas most Turkish-Cypriots are Muslim.  According to Eurobarometer 2005, Cyprus is one of the most religious countries in the European Union, along with Malta, Romania, Greece and Poland.  Even the first President of Cyprus, Makarios III, was an archbishop.  It is also one of only five EU states that have an official state religion (Cypriot Orthodox Church, the other four states being Malta, Greece, Denmark, and United Kingdom).  In addition to the Christian Orthod... Read More

Scuba Diving

Scuba-diving is a great way to entertain the whole family or a group of friends in Cyprus.  Check out our Sport & Activities section for more information. There are many different scuba diving schools dotted around the coastal areas of Cyprus.  Some of the best known areas to dive are here, such as the Zenobia wreck, one of the top ten wreck dive sites in the world.  In addition to easy open-water dives for beginners there are sea caves on the edge of the Akamas nature reserve, the Channel, the Cythiana and many more. Curre... Read More

Shops & Supermarkets

There are a large number of places to shop conveniently located along all coastal roads, harbours, airports and mainland cities. Opening hours of most supermarkets are generally open from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays.  On Saturdays they tend to close earlier and on Sundays they are closed all day unless they are in the touris area and they can stay open longer.  You will need coins - ¢50, €1 or €2, depending on the supermarket, for the trolleys.   Shopping Hours Winter Period (Nov... Read More
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