Petra Tou Romiou

Paphos, known for its tranquility and beautiful views, settings and ancient ruins, also is packed with many superb beaches.  If you have the luck to rent or buy a home by the beach, there is nothing better than having the clear shades of turquoise-blue sea, golden sand and brilliant sun at your doorstep. 

Here are a few of the popular beaches dotted around Paphos which may interest you.

Kato Paphos  By the harbour, not far from the famous ancient ruin of Paphos Castle; surrounded by spectacular scenery.

Kissonerga  With attractions for the whole family and not very busy, allowing you some privacy

Petra tou Romiou  (Literally the Rock of the Greek) Aphrodite's birthplace, with a stunning view from the top of the cliff, a pebbled beach with some sandy areas, a beautiful setting and very romantic

Agios Georgios  A fishing harbour but also with a beautiful, cosy beach and a small but charming church at the top; wonderful views

Coral Bay  This, probably the popular of the beaches, can be very packed in the summer but is beautiful all year round, with bars, music and water sports - fun for all the family.


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