In an attempt to better manage the disposal of local waste, maximise our recycling potential and control the associated spiralling costs to taxpayers, a sub committee has been formed to make improvement recommendations for Council consideration.

This Committee thus far comprises six community residents and two council members.


The first step in what is foreseen as a lengthy process is to re-open the field on the road to Kissonerga for a trial period of three months commencing Tuesday 13th November.

Access to this site will be restricted to Tala residents and their gardeners and controlled by volunteers from within the Community.


Initially we will be accepting Garden waste and household furniture only.


Continuation and expanding on this basic service after the first three months will depend on our attracting additional helpers who are prepared to occasionally donate two hours of their time to help police it.


Preliminary opening hours will be limited to 09:00 to 11:00 on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday mornings, and access will be dependent on the production of proof that the waste originated from within Tala. (Such as local tax or utilities bills.)


Free disposal of old domestic appliances is already catered for at the rear yard of CMC Electrical, which is located immediately before the Viafos lighting shop on the left hand side of the road between Emba High school and the Polis Road.


For those with internet access, information on other recycling facilities can be found at . For those without this facility, relevant information will be publicised through Village noticeboards and other means, as plans develop.

At present Yeroskipou appear to top the recycling performance league. Let’s see if we can all work towards altering that situation.


Since we shall be looking to shred and compost all garden waste, with a view to making it available for local consumption, we would ask that anything brought in plastic bags or other containers be free of large stones and decanted at the site.


Any offers of help, constructive comments or suggestions which relate to the on-going operation of this site and the handling of Community waste in general, should be forwarded to or addressed to “Tala Cleaning Committee” and lodged with the secretary at the Council Offices.


We trust that you will give us your full support with this enterprise which apart from hopefully leading to an improvement in the cleanliness of our Community, is levelled at limiting the escalating costs being predicted in the media, because of Cyprus’s need to meet European waste legislation.



Directions to waste site:-

                                                            By the small church at the bottom of the village, continue down the Coral Bay / Kissonerga Road. Just after the covered picnic site on the right hand side there is a chain link fence that terminates in a corrugated iron enclosure containing peacocks. The dumpsite entrance gate adjoins this enclosure. 

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