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Paphos Villages

Paphos makes up 15.1% of the island, covering 1,393 sq. m.  It has three regions, the coastal plain, the hilly region and the mountain forests, including the Natura 2000-protected area.  Paphos is renowned for its sea-cliffs, which are made up of ravines and coves, capes and points, beaches and tiny islets. The population of Paphos has expanded quickly in recent years to 76,0000 people.  It has the biggest urbanisation growth with a massive increase in the number of cars. Aphrodite Hills  Not just a golf course but an inte... Read More

Radio Stations

If you are looking for radio stations with programming in English, we suggest you give the following stations a try. Rock FM 98.5 has English programming during the day with plenty of music.  There are enough advertisments at the hour and half-hour to enable you to make a cup of tea, however... BFBS 1 (popular music) 89.7 - this is the British Forces Broadcasting Service, coming from the Sovereign Bases Area. BFBS 2 (more classical music) available on FM. BBC World service is available on 1323 AM.  ... Read More

Restaurants & Tavernas

The following does not purport to be an exhaustive list of Paphos's many restaurants, but rather a selection of those which we know, or that people whose opinion we trust have mentioned to us.  Popularity with locals as well as tourists is a good indicator.  A word of warning:   the restaurant scene here evolves swiftly and by the time you read this the restaurant concerned may have closed, been re-located, changed its chef or serving staff, etc. Closing days vary; Monday is most common but quite a few others close on Sunday ev... Read More

Schools & Nurseries

There are a number of public primary and secondary schools in Paphos and all EU citizens are eligible for free childhood education.  The teaching language is Greek and some parents prefer to pay for private education where children will learn in English and Greek.  This is useful if you wish them to continue their education by going to university in England eventually.  Furthermore, local schools finish at midday and generally speaking most parents spend the rest of the afternoon driving children to and from private lessons in ... Read More

Shops & Supermarkets

From hairdressers, beauty salons and clothes shops to supermarkets such as Papantoniou, Carrefour, City Supermarket and Orphanides, Paphos is filled with many convenient stores for you to find just about anything. You will see many kiosks located all around Paphos, in particular on coastal roads and in between villages.  In return for little restriction on opening hours, these establishments are limited in the range of goods they may sell but they are useful if you need something urgently and from close by. As in any town shops floc... Read More


Once you have sorted out your property and are in need of some pampering and beauty treatments, you are welcome to ask us to book you in for a hair or nail treatment and we can send a qualified technician to your accommodation on a day that suits you.  See our services section for the full price list.  We can arrange day-visits to gymnasia, indoor pools, jacuzzis, steam baths, saunas and special vouchers with discounts. Our personal favourite spas to visit are: Aphrodite Hills Almyra Hotel Elysium Hotel    ... Read More


Please see the article on useful telephone numbers for 24-hour service taxis.  We can arrange pre-booked taxis to/from the airport for you. If you stop a taxi in the street where you do not know the driver or car, we suggest you either agree a price in advance to take you to your destination or that you make certain the driver starts the taximeter. The driver's taxi licence, with name and photograph, should be prominently displayed in the vehicle. Taxi prices increase at night.  From Coral Bay to Paphos it should not cost more th... Read More

Weather in Paphos

Paphos enjoys the healthiest climate in Cyprus and the Mediterranean as well with cooler summers and short mild winters.  Extremes of temperatures are rare, meaning Paphos has something to offer every month of the year, whether it's swimming as late as November or enjoying cultural sites and festivals all year long. Average Temperature °C Sea Temperature Air Temperature January 17 16 February 17 17 March 18 18 April 20 22 May 21 26 June 24 30 July 25 31 August 26 32 ... Read More
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