Acquiring Title Deeds

Acquiring Title Deeds

Transfer of ownership from vendor to purchaser is undertaken by a simple procedure through the Cyprus Land Registry Office, either by the buyer in person or through a third party nominated and furnished with a Power of Attorney.

The transfer of ownership requires two permits:

  • from the Council of Ministers and
  • from the Central Bank of Cyprus.

Both permits can be easily obtained from the Cypriot authorities.

The authorities will wish to satisfy themselves that the seller has the right to sell, i.e. that they do own the property and that it is not subject to a lien such as a mortgage.  Where the property is newly-built, or has been extended, they will wish to confirm that such building has been carried out within the terms of the relevant building permit.

The process can usually be made easier and faster by appointing solicitors to obtain the deeds on your behalf.  We can introduce you to firms with a good track record in this regard.

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