Residential Permit

Residential Permit

General  Non-Cypriots who have purchased property in Cyprus will naturally be concerned to secure their residential status.  The regulations governing this changed substantially in consequence of Cyprus's entry into the European Union and the authorities continue to tinker with them as the implications of E.U. are more fully understood.  The following summary is correct at the time of writing but we suggest you contact us for confirmation or an up-date if you are interested in acquiring property here and are concerned about residence.

Prima facie every holder of an E.U. passport has the right to reside without restriction in Cyprus.  Many are satisfied with this and take matters no further.

But it is also possible to register oneself as a foreigner resident in Cyprus.  The "Certificate of Registration" now being issued has no expiry date and has replaced both the previous 5-year one and the permanent residence permit.  The following describes the procedure and supporting documentation requirements.

Registration procedure The first step is to visit Immigration to request an appointment for renewal. The present delay is around 6 weeks.  Immigration has moved to new offices on the 2nd floor of Nicolaou Court No. 3.   To find this, in Upper (Pano) Paphos go down the Polis road to the traffic lights with the new Papantoniou on the first right-hand corner, turn left and proceed down Eleftheriou Venizelou (where the old main Post Office used to be).   The building you want is on the right, after the second side-turning on the left, opposite the shop Agora.  To find the entrance proceed down the passage on the right-hand side of the building.  The way to Immigration is clearly sign-posted.

Ask for an appointment at Reception.  Show your passport(s) and any previous residence permit.  You will be given a date, a form with appointment numbers for each applicant, an application form MEU1A for completion and a list of documentation requirements.

Supporting documentation  For most of us this is:

  • valid passport plus copy (of the particulars page - name, dates of issue & expiry, number &c.);

  • either (if you are living in rented property) the original tenancy agreement plus a copy or (if you occupy your own property) the original sales contract plus a copy;

  • pension certificate plus a copy (the last monthly confirmation of payment will do, provided the amount is shown);

  • evidence of health insurance plus a copy (the insurance company's receipt for the premium showing the extent of cover; if you have the General Hospital's pink card take a copy of that too - both sides);

  • bank statement from a local bank covering the last 3 months and showing inter alia the monthly entry of your pension or remittance from outside Cyprus;

  • marriage certificate plus copy;

  • one passport-sized photograph (colour or black and white) each; and

  • form MEU1A, duly completed.

Depending on your circumstances, e.g. whether you have depending children of school age in Cyprus, you may also be asked for birth certificates and letters from your children's school.  If you already have an expiring or expired pink or yellow slip that will have to be surrendered at the interview.

Interview  On your interview date proceed to the Reception room and wait for your number to be called.   The interviewing officer will want to see the appointment slip, then the application form, and will then ask for each of the above items, original plus copy, in turn.  If satisfactory, the copies will be retained (the copies can be photocopies or scans) and the originals returned to you.  If the officer is satisfied, the requisite fee (€8.54 for the main applicant and €17.09 per dependant applicant) should be handed over.  You will then be given a receipt for each sum plus a new yellow slip ("Certificate of Registration"), without expiry date, for each applicant.

Identity cards  Until recently, foreigners could also acquire Cyprus identity cards.  This facility has recently been suspended as foreigners were mistakenly trying to use them to travel in and out of Cyprus (by rights they should be showing their passports).  The I.D. cards were a useful means of identification (e.g. when cashing cheques at banks) and handier to carry around than a passport.  The authorities say the correct means of identification is now only a passport or the Certificate of Registration but that they are working on a new form of identification.  We expect that sense will prevail and that the authorities will resume issuing I.D.s after a publicity campaign about documentation requirements for travellers.

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