Used Cars

Used Cars

If you're planning to spend a lot of time in Cyprus during the year (more than 4 weeks) it might be better to purchase your own car.

We use the most established English car dealer in Cyprus, Deals on Wheels, who have sold more than 1,000 cars and are the number-one choice in Paphos in our view when one is looking for a decent used car.  Benefits include any-driver insurance, warranty, airport delivery and storage and all paperwork handled on your behalf.  There is a wide choice of cars starting from €1,995.  Their showroom is just near the old town in Paphos.  They also have a service centre for service and repairs.  They will service any car for €99 and this includes a full service - oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, full inspection and brake service.

Contact us and we will tell you how to find them.

Of course, if you acquire a car and use it for only 4 weeks a year, you are going to ask yourself what happens in the meantime.  Well, believe it or not, many people actually do leave their cars on their drives in Cyprus for extended periods without any problems.  Some report that, at worst, their batteries may go flat.  Most motor insurance cover here now includes free emergency services such as that of Rescue Line, who will usually manage to turn up within an hour or much less, even on a Sunday, and get you started, fit a replacement battery, change a flat tyre, carry out simple repairs or, at worst, get you loaded on to a flat-bed lorry for transportation to the garage of your choice.

The car-literate will know that what you are better off doing is disconnecting the battery and putting the car up on blocks so that the tyres do not degenerate.  But that involves a bit of work and there are other possibilities.

One popular alternative is to lodge the keys with a friend, who promises to turn the engine over occasionally and take the car out for a run every now and then.  A variant on this is a pool of friends or neighbours who not only do the foregoing but use the car as a fall-back if their own transport gets sick.

If you rent out your property short or long term, you could put the car at the disposal of your tenants.

There are also services in the vicinity of the airport where you can leave your car in storage and get chauffeured to the terminal.  If you tell them the details of your return flight they can bring your car to the terminal or pick you up and bring you and your luggage to where it is stored.  Meanwhile they take care of the periodic engine turnover and can have your car cleaned ready for you when you arrive.

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