Accidents  We recommend going to the Accident and Emergency unit of the General hospital for free service if you require treatment.  If, however, you need an emergency doctor to visit you at home, please call Dr. Mala at the Veramedica Medical Centre (+357 2627 1700).  For emergency services - ambulance, fire or police call 112.

The government General Hospital provides free medical service for tourists but there are also 5 excellent private hospitals in Paphos.  Check with your insurance provider to see if you're covered.

Driving  Driving is on the left, with priority from the right at roundabouts.  The road layout and road signs follow the international system and distances and speeds are given in kilometres.  Four-lane motorways connect the capital with the coastal towns (the limit in blue below the speed limit is the minimum speed limit).  Minor roads and forest roads are still often unsurfaced but in reasonable condition.  Road maps are not always accurate and become quickly out of date. Good GPS systems are available. The good news is that road signs in Cyprus are also in English.

Take appropriate care when using roads during sudden wet weather.  It is illegal to use your mobile, not wear a seatbelt or not to use a helmet when on a motorcycle or moped and the police will fine you for this.  Visitors should have a valid international or national driving license for the type of vehicle they intend to drive. You must have valid, up to date insurance. It is against the law to drink and drive here and the limit is lower than in England at only 22micrograms per 1000 millileters of breath. If you get a reading of 25-39 you will be detained until a responsible person can drive you and your vehicle away and then you will pay a fine and/or be taken to court. It is illegal to smoke in the car with a person under 15 years of age. for speeding, fines are not payable at the roadside and penalty points may apply. If however, you have a foreign driving license there is no current system to penalise you unless it is a serious offence. Points remain on your license for 3 years. 12 points will disqualify you from driving.

The Cyprus Highway Code is only available in Greek from here

Electricity Supply & Current  This is the same as UK with a 3 prong, square plug on 220V.

Heatstroke  Make sure you drink plenty of water (this doesn't include alcoholic drinks!) and make sure you have some salt in your diet.  You need at least 8 glasses of pure water a day here to keep hydrated. Heatstroke is common among tourists.  Stay out of the hot sun between 11am and 4pm, especially in the summer months, and definitely don't overdo it on your first few days until you are used to the heat.

Internet  If your property has internet connection, check that you have the right passwords to enter the wi-fi service.  If there is no connection in the property, there are usually Internet cafés nearby with email, fax, internet etc.  Most hotels have these facilities and will let you use them for a fee.  Many coffee shops now offer free wi-fi such as Costa Coffee and Starbucks.  Your Blackberry service should also work in Cyprus.

Payments  Payments can be made in Euros or Sterling. Please see the account numbers below. Please remember to reference your last name and the property number e.g. SMITH REGINA V2 so we can trace your payment.  Please send your transaction confirmation by email so we can confirm receipt.

EUR - € Euros


Mrs. Hadjipetrou, Melissa Marie


Bank of Cyprus


26 Tombs of the Kings Avenue, Paphos, 8046, Cyprus




CY06 0020 0669 0000 0001 0098 4900



Cheques - Cheques are only accepted in Euros.  Please make payable to Melissa Hadjipetrou.

Credit Cards - Sorry we do not accept payments by credit card or Pay Pal accounts.  Please withdraw cash from your credit card and then go to your bank to pay over the counter.


The VAT rate in Cyprus is 19%, but any property with the license to build before May 1st 2004 can be sold without VAT. Also as a special incentive from the government the clients can claim a rebate of 14% if the property is going to be their “home” in Cyprus. This doesn't mean they must live there but it means that they cannot rent it for profit. This means that the VAT payable to the government for the purchase is only 5% in this case. One of the lowest rates anywhere! 


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