Breakages Deposit  If you decide to rent your property out on a long-term let, the breakages deposit (equivalent of 1 month's rent) is taken from the tenant prior to moving in.  This is normally used to pay the agent their finder's fee.  The last month's rent that is paid by the tenant is usually kept by the landlord/property manager and is refunded after the property inventory is checked, meter readings taken and evidence is given by the tenant that all bills have been paid.

For weekly lets, a deposit of €100-250 is taken from the tenant and this is refunded within 30 days of departure after inventory has been taken.  The amount of deposit taken varies according to the size of property and number of valuables.

Electricity & Water Bills  It costs €100 to transfer a name on an electricity bill which the tenant pays.  A non-EU citizen pays €300 deposit.  We recommend that the electric is transferred into the tenants name as they are then liable for any outstandings. Even if the name is transferred on the water, if the tenant owes money the landlord is still liable for any un paid bills. Also the deposit for water is around €250 in some municipalities and unaffordable for tenants of smaller properties especially when water only costs around €10-20 per month. For these reason, landlords normally keep the water bills in their names and the tenant just pays the rent and money for water directly into the landlord's bank account every month.  We suggest that the landlord sets up a standing order for water bills as this will avoid unnecessary disconnections and costly reconnections.  Unless the property is a villa with a pool and garden and then we advise owners to put water in tenants name. We recommend that the owners use internet banking to check their accounts on line and keep track of rent and utility bill payments. Electricity bills can be emailed rather than posted (see document at end of section).

Refuse / Sewage / Council Tax  This is normally paid by the tenant if long-term let and by the landlord if the property is a holiday let. It can cost about €70-150 per year depending on the municipalities charges in that area.  It is normally paid to the municipality by direct debit if a holiday rental property.

Communal / Maintenance Charges These vary from property to property - the more the amenities, the higher.  Prospective tenants will compare properties inclusive of these charges so landlords should allow for them by including them in the rent. 

Property Management We offer comprehensive property management services. The fee depends on the size and location of the property.

References For long term rentals, two positive, written references are required from the tenants. One character reference from their place of work and the other from their previous landlord or agent.

Screening We screen all the tenants for the landlords. That includes their manners from the first phone call, if they are on time for their appointment, which car they drive, how they are presented and how they react to questioning. We reject unsuitable tenants on your behalf.

Properties We only accept suitable rental properties at a good standard. We will make suggestions for improvement if necessary and only accept good quality properties at the right prices for our tenants. 

Electric bill by email authorisation
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