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If the property is furnished with air-conditioning or white goods then the owner is responsible for maintenance and repairs. It is the tenants responsibility if the white goods belong to the tenants. It is not uncommon for unfurnished properties to have all the white goods in place in the kitchen. Most appliances are run on electric however some properties have gas cookers. Newer properties tend to have more energy efficient appliances. There are no laws regulating equipment in rental properties in Cyprus so it's a good idea to make sure that the owner or property manager has checked everything before you move in. AC's for example need to be serviced (filter cleaned) annually.


We recommend that owners clean their property before every occupation. However some tenants prefer to clean the property themselves anyway and this may help to keep the costs down for the owners.

Communal Charges

For ease of comparison we advise that owners pay these fees so they are included in the rental amount. In some cases, the owners may occasionally ask tenants to pay rent to the property management company directly to cover maintenance fees of the complex. In this case keep a copy of the receipt and ask the company to note your name and indicate that you paid them cash.


We prepare two page contracts which need to be agreed and signed by both the landlords and the tenants before the keys are handed over. These have been checked by several lawyers as we have had them as tenants! The contracts are written in a simple English and are easy for all parties to understand.

Council Tax

In Cyprus there are refuse and municipality charges which are the equivilent to Council Tax. The rates can vary from area to area and are approximately 100-250e per year.


When the contract expires and the tenant decides not to renew then they should give the landlord one months written notice and pay the rent in cash to the owner or property manager. At this time we arrange an appointment to check the inventory (if furnished) and the condition of the property. We also take meter readings and visit the water and electric offices to pay any outstanding amounts. Once everything is deemed satisfactory and the tenant returns the keys then the deposit is refunded in full.


The deposit must be payed prior to occupation and is normally the equivilent of one months rent. It cannot be paid in instalments and it is refunded at the end of the tenancy in cash subject to a satisfactory inspection and all bills being paid.


Transfers and reconnections are conducted in the main office near the entrance roundabout to Paphos. The offices are only open in the morning and close at 13:30. They are open in the afternoon from 15:00-18:00 Tuesday and Thursdays (except for June, July, August).

Usually the owners will ask tenants to transfer the electric bills into their name since the occupant is liable for their own consumption. In the case of EU nationals there is a refundable deposit to pay of 200e. In all other cases the amount is 300e (e.g. Norwegian).

We understand that our tenants are busy so we usually ask them to sign a power of attorney and we provide this service for them free of charge if they rent through us. For your information, the necessary documents required are as follows:

A)    For individuals

  • Title deed of the premise or
  • Tenancy or Purchase agreement sealed with the relevant stamp duty
  • Identity card or passport or any other similar legal document
  • Official authorization or power of Attorney in case you are represented by someone else.

B)    For legal entities (i.e companies):  

  • Title deed of the premise or
  • Tenancy or Purchase agreement sealed by the Stamp Duties Registrar of the Inland Revenue department
  • Company Registration Certificate
  • Company’s Shareholders and Directors Certificate
  • Company stamp

The Service Agreement should be signed by one of the company’s authorized officials presenting his identity card, or passport, or any other similar legal document.

In addition a guarantee document should be signed by a shareholder or director of the company.


In case of emergency and if we are the property managers, tenants will receive two phone numbers to call for 24 hour assistance.


We prefer to have tenants who are employed and their work details will be recorded on the contract. There are specialist recruitment companies in Paphos and those seeking employment are advised to bring a copy of their CV to the companies they choose to work for in order to request an interview.


A fully furnished property generally includes everything a tenant may need: towels, linens, iron, ironing board, crockery, utensils, furniuture etc. About 95% of the properties in Paphos for long term rental are let on a fully furnished basis to varing degrees of quality. The rental price of the property depends on the location, amenities and furniture. We do not advise tenants coming from the UK to bring all their furniture and equipment as that will limit the amount of suitable properties that they have to chose from.


We are just as selective about our landlords as we are about our tenants. We encourage landlords to listen to constructive feedback from tenants and to respond quickly when repairs are required. Properties with difficult landlords are deactivated and we inform all other agents not to handle such owners.


Parking can be allocated or unallocated. It may be covered or open and some luxury properties provide garages.


We require two written references (email will suffice) with phone number for us to check. These can be from previous landlord or agent. A character reference from your employer will also be required with full contact details. 


Some but not all properties have an extra storage room located in the parking area allocated to the property.


There are many large supermarkets but the best ones in order of quality are:

Alpha Mega




Beware of kiosks which are great in an emergency but prices are about double that of the supermarkets.


Since tenants only have to give 30 days notice here, it is advisable for tenants to start looking one (maximum two) months prior to their moving date. Propertie are rented on a first come first serve basis so the first person to pay the deposit gets the keys and landlords generally will not hold a property for more than one month for a tenant.


Only some areas are serviced by public buses which run from Aphrodite Water Park to the Harbour, Tombs of the Kings and Coral Bay. Most residents here rely on private vehicles such as cars. The roads are fair for motorbikes although the driving can be erratic here.


Normally the water bills remain in the owners name if tenants are renting an apartment. This is because the munipalities ask for 250e deposit which is prohibitively expensive. Water bills are around 10e per month and even if the tenant decides not to pay then the owner is still held liable for any outstandings. Therefore most owners collect the amount on the bill and ask tenants to pay it into their account with the next rental payment. Usually it is set up on a direct debit to the owners bank account so the supply will not be interrupted. Please ask for each property though as some owners of larger villas with swimming pools and gardens may insist that the water also must be on the tenants name.

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