Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services are available at around €40 (1-bed), €50 (2-bed), €60 (3-bed) or €70 (4-bed) apartments/villas (per cleaning).  Cleanings are performed immediately upon guests' departure and same-day change-overs are always possible.-We charge one fee for departure cleaning and arrival preparation.  For this reasonable fee we:  dispose of rubbish, make beds, dust and polish furniture, vacuum floors, sanitise bathrooms, clean kitchens (wipe out fridge, microwave and oven) and mop floors.  Included in this fee is dustbin sanitisation and cleaning of cupboards and windows (as and when necessary).  The patio furniture will also be wiped clean and exterior floors will be swept, vacuumed and mopped.  This does not include cleaning equipment, cleaning products, bin liners, kitchen towels and toilet rolls.  These will be bought as and when necessary and added to your expense account.  They will be stored in your property for the use of guests and cleaners.  Please make sure your property has a decent vacuum cleaner as this is necessary with the dust in Cyprus.  We try to use environmentally-friendly cleaning products where available, although these are still difficult to find in Cyprus.

Prices can be adjusted if your property simply requires freshening up before your guests arrive or if they request a mid-week clean, linen change or extra towels etc.  Ad-hoc, intermittent maid service or mid-week cleans can be performed upon request by your guests for the full extra charge.

Additional deep-cleans can be arranged upon your request. We recommend that your property is deep-cleaned during the quieter winter months.  This includes servicing ACs, BBQs, cleaning fans, hoovering skirting-boards and under furniture, cleaning window sills & shutters, emptying all cupboards, cleaning all plates, glasses and drawers, washing all linen, towels and curtains and really getting into every nook and cranny!  Prices are available upon request.

Laundry  Extra laundry services can be provided, including the collection and delivery of linen, towels, tea towels, washing, drying, ironing, washing powder and fabric softener.  We can even offer professional ironing and emergency alteration services.  The cost of laundry is €20 per couple.  We recommend you keep spare linen and towels in a locked cupboard, otherwise guests will use everything they can get their hands on!  This means you are fairly charged according only to how much linen was actually used.

Pool Cleaning  Depending on the size of pool this includes quality chemicals and pH balance checks (a report card will be completed for inspectors).  This may cost from €80 per month for a 10 x 4m pool. 

Window Cleaning & Shutters  We offer a window-cleaning service from €30 for a 1-bedroom, €40 for a 2-bedroom apartment per clean.  Other prices available upon request.  This includes deep-cleaning the windows, frames, shutters and fly screens.  If we are looking after the general cleaning of your property we advise you when the external windows need to be deep-cleaned.

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