Emergency Hot Line

Emergency Hot line for guests

There is no need to live with the headache of dealing with any problems that may arise if your property is vacant or occupied and you are far away and unable to take swift action.  We can take responsibility on a 24-hour-a-day basis.

If you subscribe to this service, we can provide a mobile hot-line for your guests in case of emergencies, e.g. no water, no electricity, accident, getting locked out, fire, air-conditioning not working, etc.  We will contact the relevant persons on your behalf and keep you informed.  We will discuss any call-out and emergency charges with you before paying them.  Some landlords prefer to set a limit where we have authority to fix problems that cost under a specified amount.  A fee of €30 per call-out will be charged if you choose to be charged per emergency.  After 10pm the fee is €60.

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