Security & Inspection Checks

Home inspections

For your piece of mind, regular visits will be made to your property if it is unoccupied to ensure that it and its contents are secure and to check for any damage.  The property will be aired from time to time, toilets flushed and taps run and it will be checked for damp or vermin.  Your indoor plants will be watered.  We will check all electric equipment, window and door locks.  Feedback will immediately be provided upon request including photographs if necessary.

We can fit burglar alarms, cameras, sensor lights and extra locks for you.

When your property is empty we can arrange to defrost the freezer and de-scale the kettle if you wish.  We also recommend that during empty periods the air-conditioning is checked, filters cleaned, etc.  If properties are left empty in the winter many problems such as damp or pest infestation can get out of control.  We will ensure that your furniture is placed neatly inside the property to reduce any weather damage.  Avoid the 'lonely home' syndrome and make sure your property is looked after.  Depending on the location of your property, a €10 fee will be charged per visit; a monthly visit is included in the Platinum Service package.

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