How to make sure you get your deposit bank and a positive reference from your agent/landlord

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Follow these steps to become well known as an angel tenant and make all the agents & owners fight to want to rent to you! 


1. Check your contract - know who is responsible for what and who pays for repairs. Are you allowed pets? If not, don’t get one half way through your tenancy without asking permission.


2. Put the utilities in your name - that includes the water. Your deposit can be transferred to the next property so it is the responsible thing to do. Willingness to this will show that you are a model tenant and a prospective agent will be impressed by the mere fact that you are proactive about this.


3. Repairs - If something breaks in the property inform the property manager/ owner immediately so it can be rectified. Don’t leave it for them to find out on final inspection or after your departure as then they have a right to take it out of the deposit. That includes lightbulbs, if they go during your tenancy, replace them.


4. Respect the owner. Treat the property as if it was yours. Keep it clean and well maintained. Imagine that the property owner/manager will pop in unannounced at any time to inspect the property and it wouldn’t be a problem because you have kept it looking like a showhouse. Send quarterly updates to the owner with photos showing that you are looking after the house / pool / garden. 


5. Respect your neighbours - don’t let your pets foul their gardens, keep the noise down after 10pm and keep the area outside your accommodation clean and well maintained. If not, the first person or neighbours will complain to is the owners/property managers and if you are in breach of contract you risk expulsion from the property 


6. Pay your rent on time - send a copy of the confirmation slip to the owner/property manager in an email asking them to confirm receipt of payment. Keep copies of receipts and records of expenses on file incase you need to show them later.


7. Pay your bills - You used it, you pay for it. Don't leave unpaid bills for the owner that's not fair at all.


8. Folllow departure procedures (see other article) - Give your one month notice and the owner/manager time to find another tenant. Check your contract to see what conditions there are.


If you see yourself doing all these actions, please ask your agent/owner for a recommendation! Angel tenants are worth their weight in gold. Show your positive reference to new agents! Does this sound like you? Then contact us to find your ideal accommodation we are happy to welcome good quality tenants to take care of our owners properties.


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