8 expert tips for selling your home

Monday, 23 November 2015

want to sell quickly?

8 expert tips for selling your home 


1. Know your details and share them with your agents - How many square meters is the covered area, uncovered area, plot or density if it’s land. Does your property have solar panels or a pressure pump? What are the unique selling points? Are your title deeds ready or at what stage are they? Are there any impediments to the sale that we should know about? Is there an outstanding mortgage on the property? This is important information that we need to know as it can disrupt a sale if an ugly fact comes up at a later stage. It may be impossible to overcome if it’s kept hidden from the agent/purchaser. Be open about your situation, a professional agent will be able to advise you on the best course of action. We are here to help so where possible bring copies of all your documents to give with us at the listing viewing. Make sure you have your EPC (Environmental Performance Certificate, see other article) copy to give us. We also need proof of ownership (contract of sale, title deed) and utility bill (electric or water) as part of anti money laundering laws we need to keep these details on file.

2. Photographs - Starting from a couple of hundred euros you can pay a professional photographer to stage your house with flowers and champagne and take good quality photographs with a wide angle lens. The difference this can make to the number of viewings will astound you and if you can keep it staged that way for viewings all the better to match and exceed high client expectations. We will take photos at no extra charge but if you really want to stand out from the other properties for sale, get a professional to do it! Of course we have a number of experienced photographers we can recommend. When we come to take pictures, please make sure your house is tidy and ready for pictures. Declutter and put as many things away as you can. 


3. Keep a tidy home for viewings- it may sound obvious but your home should look like a show house for viewings. all unfinished jobs & repairs should be finished off to a good standard. if you can’t DIY, pay someone! Please, please, please - clean it! First impressions count and you wont get a second chance. Not sure what to do? We can arrange to send a cleaner to stage your house ready for pictures.


4. Create and ambience - put fresh flowers, air-freshners, brew coffee, bake bread - all these might sound absurd to you but they do help to encourage a good feeling in your home so welcome purchasers with the warm smell of happy memories. Keep the house at a nice temperature. Heat or cook as necessary. you want them to feel comfortable to stay and look around for as long as they want to. If you have to be in the house then don’t follow the agent around and avoid talking to the purchasers as much as possible. The agent has asked them many more questions and has a good idea of what to say and the main selling points of your property. Take a back seat and let the agent do their job.


5. Make sure everything is paid up to date - Any outstanding tax or bills owed can delay a sale and delays cause problems. Purchasers can get nervous and change their mind or find something else so be ready and able to transfer ownership immediately after a purchaser is found. It is very important to have a reliable, impartial and efficient lawyer who is gong to facilitate and not hinder a sale. 


6. Disappear! - Yes it’s true. Unfortunately physiologically a purchaser is likely to feel anxious with the sellers in the house and they will rush round before they had a chance to look properly. If you can avoid living there even better as they will feel that they are kicking you out the house if they buy it which can be a barrier to sales. If you cant avoid living there then go for a walk or to the supermarket and let your agent do their job. A house is 80% more likely to be sold by an agent if the owner makes themselves scarce for the viewing. This applies to decluttering the house of all personal items like photographs. You want the buyer to imagine themselves living in the house and they can’t do that if you are there. If you have a dog please make sure they are not in the house for photographs or viewings.


7. Listen to your agent - you are paying us for our professional opinion. Many of us have gone through years of training and education to build our level of knowledge in this profession. We have local market and area knowledge of other properties for sale that have been sold and you can use this knowledge to help you sell. Use our advice to improve the value of your house by making the additions/extractions that we suggest, drop the price if potential purchasers are continuously commenting that the price is too high (although beware of cowboy agents here who  are just trying to make a quick sale without giving you any evidence to back up their claims!). Keep in touch with your agent. Let us know of any changes, send new photographs, if you decide to drop the price to encourage more viewings. If you remind us about your listing we are more likely to show it.


8. Choose the right agent to help you - for more on this point see our other article ‘How to Choose A Quality Estate Agent’



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