How to Make a Smooth Departure

Sunday, 8 November 2015





Decided to leave your rented accommodation? Here are the simple steps to take to ensure a smooth exit…….


1. Check your contract to see if you have completed the agreed timeframe i.e. if you signed for 12 months you may give notice from 11 months without loosing your deposit


2. Inform the owner or property manager in writing by email that you wish to vacate the premises and indicate your departure date


3. Pay your last months rent in cash to the property manager. The money will be held in an envelope to be returned to you.


4. Make an appointment to see the property manager on a working day of your departure. We will need a minimum of 1 week notice to organise your departure.

5. On the day of departure, meter readings will be taken by photograph and emailed with the date.


6. Make sure you bring your passport and enough cash to pay all your utilities (water, electric & refuse) bills up to date

Either you visit the offices with us to pay the bills or you sign a power of attorney giving us permission to settle your accounts. We will take a POA if you leave on a Saturday or Sunday for example as the utility offices are only open Monday-Friday 9am-12:30. Please do not close or cut off the utilities yourself otherwise you will be charged the reconnection fee. We have the power of attorney to transfer them back into the owners name without interruption to supply or extra charges.


7. The inventory will be checked. Replace any broken or missing items otherwise you will be charged for their replacement.


8. Please ensure that the property is clean. That includes walls and inside cupboards & drawers. If a further clean is needed then the amount charged by the cleaners will be taken out of your deposit.


9. Return all sets of keys with labels (property number)


10. Your deposit will be refunded to you either in cash or electronically if one of the above steps have not been completed or if you left over a weekend. If we have to refund electronically then we will need your bank details to complete the transfer.


11. If all has been completed satisfactorily we are happy to provide you with a positive written reference on letter headed paper for your next property :)

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