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Important notes regarding the procedure and conditions for obtaining the Permanent Residency Status in Cyprus for children

The purpose of the present Informative Brochure, is to provide a brief presentation of the procedure for obtaining Permanent Residency in Cyprus, emphasizing on the most important provisions of the law and the advantages offered to non-EU citizens and their family, to enjoy Permanent Residents Status in Cyprus for children 



Submission of Applications



Applications can be deposited under Regulation 5, Category F (normal procedure) or under the Regulation 6(2) (fast track procedure)as explained below in detail



DependentsChildren under Category F (Normal Procedure)



The term “dependents” refers to the Applicant’s spouse, his children who are under the age of 18 years as well as to the Applicant’s parents if they depend financially, exclusively on the applicant.


The application needs to be submitted in the name of the person who has the income and made the investment in Cyprus and his or her spouse and children under the age of 18 years will be considered as dependents. In cases where both the spouses meet the conditions they can submit separate applications.


Except for the exceptions offered under the fast track procedure which are further analyzed below, in all other cases, adult children over the age of 18 years old should submit their own separate application and meet all the conditions .


Since the law for Category F does not include any specific requirement for the purchase of property but only a requirement to prove residence in Cyprus, the children applying as independent Applicants can succeed in obtaining Permanent Residency by declaring that they reside in the house of their parents. We advise that except from their own separate income which is required by the law, to deposit funds with a local Bank in Cyprus in order to support their Application.


Such Application on behalf of children can be submitted at any time, even before their existing permit expires (valid until they reach the age of 25 as the case may be) and succeed to obtain Permanent Residency forever.


The Application of children who already hold the Permanent Resident status for a few years as dependents of their parents (i.e. under the age of 18 or 25 years old), will be examined favorably.


In certain cases where the applicant/ parent has purchased property of a significantly high value then the relevant Authority could examine positively the application of the adult child as dependent, taking into consideration the property’s value as well as the deposits and income of the family.




         Children under Regulation 6(2)(Fast Track Procedure)


Non-married children of the Applicant aged 18 to 25 years old, can submit their separate application for Permanent Residency in cases where it can be proved that they are students and are financially dependent on the Applicant. In such cases the father/mother or both parents need to present additional required annual income of €5.000 for each such dependent child .


Where a Migration Permit is granted, this will be valid until the dependent child turns 25 years old. In case this person wishes to renew his permanent residency permit, he/she will have to submit another application and fulfill all the applicable criteria as an independent person.


 It is possible for children over 18 years old, who are not financially dependant on the Applicant to obtain Permanent Residency under Fast Track procedure provided that the market value of the acquired property attributable to each child is at least €300.000 not including VAT (in addition to the €300.000 attributable to the main applicant and his/her spouse)


It is clear that in these cases the child must submit along with the application all the other supporting documents required as per the relevant list (such as the secured annual income of at least €30.000. three years fixed deposit account for €30.000)



Special Note: Children over 18 years old are entitled to apply and obtain Permanent Resident status in Cyprus either under the Normal procedure or Fast Track procedure as explained above. The only difference is the time needed for the application to be renewed by the Migration Office.



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