How to increase your sales value by 10% and speed up your house sale

Monday, 15 February 2016

Are you taking photos of your property to sell them to their best advantage?  Are you using your mobile phone?  Do you realise that bad quality photographs can discourage viewings so that quality buyers or tenants never even step a foot in your home? This can drastically reduce your chances of selling to nil. Are you relying on estate agent photos? Quite often they take them with their phone and they are not properly trained in photography so even their poor pictures can reduce your chances of selling. Check out how many times they leave their handbag or keys in the shot or use photos with messy rooms and no light or curtains closed??? Hey, we can’t be good at everything!

You have one chance to impress. A client usually takes a look at the main photo and decides in miliseconds if they want to see more. They give the rest of the photos about 20 seconds before they decide if they want to book a viewing or not and some don’t even bother to read the descriptions. Great photos can make the difference of shifting your property in days instead of months.

In photography terms “a picture may be worth a thousand words!” yet, in real estate terms a picture just may be worth a thousand euros, or more!

  • An experienced interior photographer can find the best angles to make your space look bigger
  • A wide angled lense attachment only works on a professional camera
  • Professional cameras cost thousands of euros not to mention the price of the accessories so it’s not common for estate agents to own them. If they do, engage them on the spot!
  • They will bring their own props to decorate and stage the shot appropriately or they will move furniture or decorations around to fix the space being photographed. A professional notices details which an amateur will miss
  • A professional understands how light works and balances ambient light with supplemental flash to get the best exposure
  • The skilled professional knows how to use composition and colour to make a photo look more appealing
  • They have special software that they can use to correct, filter, crop, blance and enhance the best photos to make them look more professional
  • Prospects can tell if you’ve gone to the trouble to use a professional photographer and are more likely to book viewings when they can see that an owner is making the effort on the advert


According to a 2010 Redfin study, homes that are professionally photographed sell for more than homes photographed by an amateur. The study also shows that homes photographed by a professional reap 61 percent more online views.  The key to getting these results is in creating inspiration, effective marketing photos are inspirational. If homebuyers perusing the Internet get inspired by a photo, “they’ll click through to the agent’s website. If they don’t, they click “back” to view the next result in the search list,” that was your opportunity to grab that buyer’s attention, and if they clicked back, you’ve lost them forever”.


What’s stopping you? Did you assume that this extra service would be prohibitively expensive? Think again! The going rate is €200 but we currently have a special offer until the end of March 2016 with a very special introductory price of only €50 including digital photographs for you to keep. Call today to book your listing and grab the attention of the people you want!


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